Sadie’s Journal – Sydney

After 4 months travelling we settled in Sydney for a month. With Veganuary, Dry January and getting back to work it was going to be a bit different to what we were used to! Here are some of our highlights.

James Reviews The Views – Tasmania

A few things to note that applies to all my Australia reviews which I'd like to start with: The price of beer is rediculous! A standard beer ranges between $10-$15 (£5-£8) and most of the time thats only for a schooner 425ml). Accomadation... so far we've stayed in: AirBnB's, hostel's, campervans, rented flats and crashed at friends places. There's benefit and drawback to each of these, but there are plenty of different options to fit all budgets and itineries. Personally if I was to do it all again, I'd buy my own campervan. Australia is huge, not far from the size of USA. But while USA has the population of around 327 million, Australias' population is only  25 million. That means there's a lot of unpopulated space on this huge island.

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