James Reviews The Views – Tasmania

This will be a short, sharp series of blog posts. For each of the locations we visit I will give a to-the-point, no-nonsense assessment of the city/town/village.

I really hope these reviews will be helpful to anyone who is planning. If you know anyone this could help please share this around.

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Australia Series

A few things to note that applies to all my Australia reviews which I’d like to start with:

  1. The price of beer is ridiculous! A standard beer ranges between $10-$15 (£5-£8) and most of the time that’s only for a schooner (425ml).
  2. Accommodation… so far we’ve stayed in: AirBnBs, hostels, campervans, rented flats and crashed at friend’s places. There are benefits and drawbacks to each of these, but there are plenty of different options to fit all budgets and itineraries. Personally if I were to do it all again, I’d buy my own campervan.
  3. Australia is huge, not far from the size of USA. But while USA has the population of around 327 million, Australia’s population is only 25 million. That means there’s a lot of unpopulated space on this huge island.
  • Location: Tasmania
  • Population: 520,000
  • Must do: Explore Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake. Tasmania has hundreds of beautiful walks through unbelievable nature but the routes around Cradle Mountain were some of my favourites.
  • Must See: The view over Wineglass Bay. It’s hard to pick the must see place in Tasmania because everywhere is incredible, but Wineglass Bay tops the list. That’s probably because the 4km climb up to the summit of Mount Amos to get to the view-point is such hard work in the first place.
  • Must eat: Tasmania delivers some incredible local food. The best meal we had was on Bruny Island at Hotel Bruny. We really enjoyed our day trip across to Bruny Island and would really recommend it. Side note – If you’re in Hobart on a weekend you need to check out their farmers markets.
  • Watch out for: A number of roads on Tasmania havent been tarmacked yet so just watch out where your SatNav is taking you.
  • Best views:
Wineglass Bay from the summit of Mount Amos
  • View Rating: 9/10

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