James Reviews The Views – Melbourne

This will be a short, sharp series of blog posts. For each of the locations we visit I will give a to-the-point, no-nonsense assessment of the city/town/village.

I really hope these reviews will be helpful to anyone who is planning. If you know anyone this could help please share this around.

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Australia Series

A few things to note that applies to all my Australia reviews which I’d like to start with:

  1. The price of beer is ridiculous! A standard beer ranges between $10-$15 (£5-£8) and most of the time that’s only for a schooner (425ml).
  2. Accommodation… so far we’ve stayed in: AirBnBs, hostels, campervans, rented flats and crashed at friend’s places. There are benefits and drawbacks to each of these, but there are plenty of different options to fit all budgets and itineraries. Personally if I were to do it all again, I’d buy my own campervan.
  3. Australia is huge, not far from the size of USA. But while USA has the population of around 327 million, Australia’s population is only 25 million. That means there’s a lot of unpopulated space on this huge island.
  • Location: Melbourne
  • Population: 4.4 million
  • Must do: Go to an Aussie Rules Football game! With 10 of the 18 AFL teams being based in or around the city, Melbourne really is the home of Aussie Rules. There are multiple games on every weekend from March through to August and tickets are only around $30 so it’s definitely worth a trip out.
  • Must See: Melbourne has loads of beautiful areas to walk around and explore so I’ll briefly list a few: Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Albert Park, Yarra Trail, St Kilda Foreshore, Brighton Bathing Boxes.
  • Must eat: Melbourne has re-ignited my love for burgers, there are so many places to choose from: Royal Stacks, Burger Project, Lord of the Fries (a great vegan chain), but my ultimate fav is 8bit!
  • Best place to drink: For good, cheap food and drink check out Asian Beer Cafe during happy-hour. They have $8 jugs of lager!!!
  • Watch out for: It turns out the weather in Melbourne isn’t what I expected from Australia. From May – September the average daytime temperature is below 20 degrees and can often drop into the single figures. If you’re here in winter, bring a coat.
  • Best views:


  • View Rating: 8.5/10

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