James Reviews The Views – Singapore

This will be a short, sharp series of blog posts. For each of the locations we visit I will give a to-the-point, no-nonsense assessment of the city/town/village.

I really hope this will be helpful to anyone who is planning a trip to these locations so please share this with anyone it may help.

We’d love to see your adventures so tag us in your photos @thehuntforviews and use the hashtag #thehuntforviews

  • Location: Singapore


  • Population: 5.612 million


  • Must do: There’s an ever ending list of things to do in Singapore but seeing as it’s such an expensive city I thought I’d recommend one things you can do for free: The Southern Ridges Walk. A beautiful 10km trail that takes you through some of Singapore’s most popular parks and gardens.


  • Must See: Gardens by the Bay – you can’t come to Singapore and not visit here!


  • Must eat: There’s loads of fancy restaurants you could explore but if you are looking for something a little cheaper try one of the food courts that you’ll find in any of the major shopping centres. Cheap, loads of options and you’ll be surprised by how tasty it is.


  • Price of a beer: A lot – Singapore is ranked as the 6th most expensive city for beer in the world. If you need to ask the price of a beer, it’s going to be too much.


  • Least Yorkshire Thing About Singapore: Not that Yorkshire isn’t clean, but Singapore is spotless! The cleanest city I have ever been to without a doubt.


  • Best views:



  • View Rating: 9/10

Probably my favourite city in Asia.


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